Iris Tank Top Tester Roundup

The past two weeks have been amazing! I have been joyfully overwhelmed at the response I had to my tester call for the Iris Tank Top. So many amazing people reached out to help me make this pattern a success. I had such great suggestions and feedback! I couldn’t have done it without the help of my testers. I think it’s so inspirational to see all the different fabric choices and styling that makes each one of these Iris Tank Tops unique! They sewed up some amazing tanks and they just have to be shared!

Cass  had such a fun print with her Iris Tank Top. I love how she did contrasting color on her armbands, neckband, and her button placket. Her pictures were so fun they turned fantastic! 

In this photo, Andrea has tied her Iris Tank Top to give it a fun summer look. I think it looks so good on her and fits her so well. I love her fabric choice with the gold metallic bees. 

Amy loved the fit of her tank. With her cotton rayon knit fabric, it provided just enough armhole coverage. I love how to her buttons stand out. She definitely looks so good in this tank!

Demitria is wearing a pretty pastel Iris Tank Top. I think this one is perfect for summer and it looks great on her. Demitria shows how lots of different types of buttons can be used for this pattern. I love this one!

Can you believe Erin made her Iris Tank Top out of a knit dress she no longer wears? I absolutely LOVE that!!! It’s my favorite thing to see, when people can upcycle or refashion something they no longer wear and make something totally new! 

Charlotte made her top out a lightweight jersey. I love how her buttons at first glance look like snaps, but they actually have a tiny design on them. I think her buttons with her fabric choice look great together!

Florence looks so amazing in her top! She actually tested using snaps for this pattern instead of buttons. I love that! Now I want to make an Iris Tank Top with snaps! She told me she can’t wait to hack this pattern into a dress! 

Jennifer gave me great feedback and she had me laughing with her comments she made about a having hole in her wardrobe. You need to check out her instagram post to see what I’m talking about. I love her bamboo rayon fabric choice as well, it looks so soft! I love this light pink!

Heather used a contrasting placket for her Iris Tank Top. I love the bright yellow buttons she decided to use for this pattern. I absolutely love how she styled it with this denim jacket! 

Janet‘s Iris Tank Top is so nice, I love it. It looks so comfortable!  She mentioned how it’s a great layering piece. She has a great design on her buttons too!

Jenna has me realizing I need this fabric in my life. I am so in love with the combination of the fabric print and the wood buttons. They look so amazing together!!!

I love the outfit that Staci made with her Iris Tank Top. She loved how it was perfect for warmer months, but also a great layering piece. I think it looks so good with the color of the pants! I just love everything about this look!!!

Nicola‘s Iris Tank looks so soft and flowy. I love how comfortable it looks! I think she looks so great in it!!! The gray color is going to be able to go with everything! 

Karen had an amazing, fun, pineapple print for her Iris Tank Top. It is totally meant for summer! She did such a great job on this! Fits her perfectly!!!

Kirsten made her top out an amazing blue rib knit fabric. I haven’t made one yet out of rib knit, but I was secretly hoping someone would when we were testing. I just knew it was going to look fantastic! 

Laurasha has a gorgeous, metallic pineapple print, jersey fabric that she made her Iris Tank Top out of. I love how she dressed it up! She took the time to pattern test for me even while sewing her collection for her fashion show coming up!

Kristine‘s print is just so much fun!!! I love a good floral print! It looks so great on her! She already has plans to make more and I can’t wait to see them.

Maria loved the fit of this pattern. I love the way it looks on her and her fabric choice. This is another Iris Tank Top that just looks like it is so comfortable. The buttons really pop on this one. 

Megan made this Iris Tank Top for her friend. The print on this fabric is so amazing and fun! I think her friend looks incredible in it. I’m going to have to make me a light blue one, I love that color!

Kyla has such a creative Iris Tank Top. I am so in love with the fact that she color blocked it. I think its so great to have an amazing sewists like that to show you exactly what you can do with a pattern.

Marie-Michele wowed me with how great her Iris Tank Top looked with this yellow cardigan. I loved how she tucked in the tank top to give a dressier feel. Such a fun way to style it!

Siobhan has such an incredible pink color! I rarely wear a pop of color like this, but I am realizing now that I need to make one as soon as possible. She looks so good in this one! 

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos and that you get inspired to make your own Iris Tank Top. I never could have imagined how awesome every single one of these turned out. I had such talented testers and I think it really comes through in these photos!!! Be sure to check them out on Instagram, as they all have amazing more things they have sewed on their pages!


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